About Us

Our History

The Studio of Performing Arts established in 1991 at the 97 Shoppes located in Salem, NH. This was a great start for a young entrepreneur. We became a part of the community by participating and winning several awards in the Salem Christmas Parade and dancing at Salem Boys and Girls Club fundraising events. We expanded by moving to the Country Shoppes in Windham, NH in 1997 where we successfully resided for ten years and continued to support our local community. With having so much more to offer, we acquired the new property on 8 Commerce Drive , Atkinson, NH in 2007, which is where we plan to remain and continue our support within the community.

Special Features

Class Sizes
The classes are limited to 10 students in the younger classes and 12 for the older children. Some of the advanced classes can have 13-14, depending on the level.

Dance Floor
There are two floors: one is 20 x 20 and the other is 20 x 40. Both rooms are professional floating floors made of rock maple. These floors are specifically designed for the dancers. They are constructed to help alleviate percussive shock to the bones and joints of the dancers.

Competitive Teams
Competition Team members must take Ballet.
Currently there are four competition classes that make up our team. Over the years these teams have won numerous medals, special awards and high score awards. The students are selected by invitation only by the instructor. These teams are also required to perform for charity functions and places like rehab centers and assisted living places.

Viewing Area
The main floor is separated by only a knee wall so that the student can be seen at all times and parents can encourage the child when appropriate. This allows the parent to not only see the child's improvements, but also their enthusiasm for dance.
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