Owner and Director: Jeanne Dion Arsenault 

Jeanne graduated from Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance.   Along with regular technique dance classes she also studied; Biology, Kinesiology: the study of kinesthetic movement, Labanotation : writing of dance and Child Psychology.   For her senior seminar course Jeanne constructed and executed a sixteen week curriculum for children.

Not only has Jeanne been dancing since she was three years old, but she has successfully run her own studio for 23 years.   She has volunteered to choreograph for local elementary schools and   high schools and taught dance at Salem High School   for one semester.

Jeanne‚Äôs philosophy for dance is to remember that dance is an expression and form of communication.   Although it can be competitive, the main goal is for a child to communicate whether it be a thought, a sensation, or an emotion while having fun.

  "It is important for them to expand their creativeness and enhance their overall idea of dance as an art form in a positive atmosphere where they can be cared for and listened to whatever the emotion or feeling may be that they are trying to express."