• We DO NOT follow the school's cancellations on snow days. I will be calling each one of you if dance is going to be cancelled. I will also be putting a message on the answering machine at approx. 1:00 PM of the day in question. If you need to check emergency numbers with me, please do so.
  • I have written up a dance school calendar of the days there are no classes on this site. Please see Calendar.
  • All children need to be picked up inside the studio due to safety reasons. If different arrangements are to be made (going home with a friend, neighbor, boyfriend...) please notify me of these changes.
  • If your child is too sick to attend school, then they are too sick to attend dance. The studio is willing to make arrangements for make-up classes due to illness.
    Please do not come if you are sick.
  • Tuition envelopes will go out the last class of each month and NEEDS to be paid the first class of the following month. If you are absent the week envelopes go out, you are expected to pay the week that week you return. If you would like to pay for the year in full, please see me for that amount.
  • If your child has been absent too many times, especially at the end of the year, I will not allow them to perform in the recital or not allow them to continue with classes. This applies to illness, injury, sports activities, etc. There is a MANDATORY dress rehearsal and stage rehearsal for ALL students. Any conflicts need to be brought to my attention at least a month prior and every effort will be made to work it out.

General Information

  • Tuition envelope's will be handed out on the fourth week of every month with the child's name and amount owed.
  • Recital will be held in late May or early June.
  • Each family is required to sell 5 tickets for the Recital.
  • A payment for costumes will be due around the 1st of the year.