Ballet / Pointe

Based on centuries old tradition of movement skills, ballet is a highly disciplined art that consists of a complex system of movement and floor patterns, a strict and specific technique. Pointe is ballet movement performed on your toes in a hard boxed type shoe. For students with more advanced technique and females.


Also referred to as "contemporary dance." Modern is a highly individualistic and diverse form of artistic expression. Some believe it is a rejection from the strict form and style of traditional ballet. Known as the American made art form, modern is a free style form of dance. While modern can be any movement for any reason, Lyrical adds definite feelings and emotions, executed more fluidly than modern dance.

Jazz / Hip Hop

As a form of theather dance that is heavily influenced by African sources, jazz has an exciting, vibrant, and dynamic movement to the torso and pelvis. This is carried on to a constant and sharply defined rhythm. Hip Hop is a form of jazz which is more percussive, more stationary with a style of its own.


Descended from steps found in the jig, tap is a modern style of clogging that is done wearing a leather shoe with aluminum toe and heel tap. Tap is making a syncopated rhythm with your feet, often done to music.

Adult Classes

This is a class for all levels for anyone wanting to take dance as a form of exercise. The class will be held once a week in the evening. Each class is one hour long and will have a stretch, cardio and a cool down.