June 11, 2014

Dear Jeanne,

We are so grateful to have found your dance studio and to have the opportunity for you to be our daughter's teacher.  We loved everything about your approach to introducing dance to our little girl.  She was always eager to attend class, aside from the first one when anxiety got the best of her and she showed up in tears. Your patience and understanding helped her immensely.  Everyday she left smiling.  Towards the end, at times she was nervous about the recital however, she never felt pressured or intimidated by it.  Rose, Victoria and yourself were able to build her confidence up and put her at ease.  She ended up absolutely loving the entire journey.  You truly have many gifts and we just wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing them.

We were impressed by the recital.  You, your staff of volunteers and of course all of the dancers did such an amazing job.  Thank you for such a fantastic experience.  You say that this career is your dream come true.  Whether you realize it or not, it needs to be said, you are making dreams come true for your students.  Thank you for being you. This year has been so wonderful. We are very much looking forward to all of the years to come.

The Abruzzese-Pavlini Family